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november 2003

Republican Rome
Paints from Herculanum
Paints from Pompei
Coins of the end of the Republic
Antoine’s coins (Ist c. AD)

october 2003

Archaic Greece
Attic grafitto on a tile
The classical attic pentecontores
Oil lamp from Athens
Attic ceramics with ships on the sides
Dionysian tanks

Hellenistic Greece
Greek intaglio

march 2003

Archaic Greece
Monères on attic dinoi
Monères on attic dishes
Monères on attic craters
Monères on various attic ceramics
Dières on attic dinoi

january 2003

Archaic Greece
Archaic Greece marine
Peintures proto-Attiques from Athens
The vase "François" (Chiusi)
The Athena painter vase

november 2002

Syria - Near East
Graffito from Kition (Cyprus)

Geometrical Greece
Geometrical Crater from Ischia
Geometrical Greece marine
The Athenian golden ship
Brooches from Beotia
Ceramic from Peloponnese
Firedog from Argos
Ceramic from Turquey

october 2002

Geometrical Greece
"X-rays" sight
The skyphos from Eleusis
The oenoché from Copenhagen
Crater from Megara Hyblaea
Crater from New York
Schematization tendancy
Evolution to realism
The bireme apparition
The bireme of Toronto

september 2002

Geometrical Greece
Bronze relief from Ida cave
The Dipylon group with tolet
The Dipylon group without tolet
The Dipylon group : sight in profile

august 2002

Syria - Mesopotamia
Coins from Arados (V-IV c. BC)
Coins from Sidon (V-IV c. BC)

Hellenistic Syria
Coins from Arados (IV-I c. BC)
Coins from Carne (end III c. BC)
Coins from Dora
Coins from Marathus (III c. BC)
Coins from Sidon (IV-I c. BC)
Coins from Tripoli (III c. BC. - Ier c. ap. J.-C.)
Coins from Tyr (II c. BC - Ist c. AD)
Coins from uncertain origin
Coins from Berytus

Early Roman Empire
Coins from Arados (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Sidon (Ist c. AD)

Imperial Rome
Coins from Arados (I-II c. AD)
Coins from Sidon (IIIrd c. AD)
Coins from Tripoli (II-III c. AD)
Coins from Tyr (II c. AD)

april 2002

Geometrical Greece
The pseudo-dière from British Museum

Republican Rome
Coins of Sextus Pompee
Coins from Gaul (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Italy (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Sicily (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Mauretania (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Crete-Cyrenaic (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Greece (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Black Sea (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Macedonia (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Asia (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Syria (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Judea (Ist c. BC)
Coins from Alexandria (Ist c. BC)

january 2002

Minoans - Mycenians
Engravings from Naxos
Lead models from Naxos
Model from Palaikastro
Graffiti from Dramesi (Beotia)
Graffiti from Cyprus
Mycenian marine
Mycenian models
Model from Ampharaion
Mycenian vase from Skyros
Pyxis from Tragana
Rython from Cyprus
Paints on vases and sarcophagus
Mycenian paints from Cyprus

Geometrical Greece
Post-mycenian marine
Model from Fortetsa
Crater from Cnossos
Vase from Khaniale Tekke

Hellenistic Greece
Grafitti from Delos

december 2001

Pre-roman Italy
Etruscan miror
Etruscan beetles

november 2001

Minoan Crete
Minoan graffiti
Scenery on minoan potteries

Minoans - Mycenians
Model from Appolonia

Syria - Near East
Sculptures from Sumer
Sceals from Mesopotamia

Republican Rome
Paints from Sirmione

october 2001

Late 3rd - early 2nd millenium

Minoan Crete
Minoan writing signs
Minoan marine
Minoan models
The disc from Phaistos
Paints on a Sarcophagus from Hagia Triada

Minoans - Mycenians
Ships from Akrotiri (Thera)

Hellenistic Greece
Bottians Coins (II c. BC)

Imperial Rome
Mosaic from England

september 2001

Minoan Crete
Minoan sceals : ship-bird
Minoan sceals : cycladic type
Minoan sceals : curved symetrical ships
Minoan sceals : ship with drift aileron
Minoan sceals : symetrical angular ship
Minoan sceals : diverse types
Minoan sceals : schematic representations
Minoan sceals : rafts

july 2001

Minoans - Mycenians
Ships from Dorak
Drawing from Orchomene

june 2001

Minoans - Mycenians
The Syros type

may 2001

Syria - Near East
Model from Ugarit
Models from Cyprus
Sceal from Cyprus

Archaic Greece
Arcesilas dish

april 2001

Early Roman Empire
Coins from Alexandria (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Betica (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Tarraco (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Greece (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Thrace (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Bithynia and Pont (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Asia (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Syria (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Judea (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Rhodes (Ist c. AD)
Coins from Cilicia (Ist c. AD)
Oil lamps

march 2001

Republican Rome
Roman marine origine

Imperial Rome
Mosaics from Themetra
Mosaics from Dougga
Mosaics from Tunisia
Mosaics from Sousse
Mosaics form Utica
Mosaics from Carthage
Mosaics from El Alia

february 2001

The mns boat
Peoples of the Sea

Syria - Near East
Model from Byblos
Syrian ships from Egypt

january 2001

Early Roman Empire
Model from Beth Maré

Imperial Rome
Mosaics from Ostie
Paints from Ostie
The Trajan Column
The boat from Sidon
Bas-reliefs from the East of the Empire
Sarcophagus from Ostia
Grafitti di Palestina
Grafitti from Africa

december 2000

Imperial Rome
Hadrian Coins
Coins from Turquey
Diocletian and Maximian’ coins
Coins of Late Empire
Relief from Neumagen
Greec steles

november 2000

Monoxyle pirogues

Imperial Rome
Sculptures from Turquey
Italian sculptures (II-III AD)
Sculptures from Africa
Sculptures from Rome

october 2000

Early Roman Empire
Graffiti from Pompei
Boats on "intailles"
Model from Sparte
Model from St Aldegund

september 2000

Early Roman Empire
Documents of unknown origin
Italian documents

july 2000

Early Roman Empire
Sculptures from Pouzzoles
Orange arch
Relief from Medicaneli collection

june 2000

Republican Rome
Mosaic and bas-relief from Preneste
Italian graffiti and sculptures
Sculptures from Osti
Roman graffiti and sculptures

may 2000

Republican Rome
Bas-reliefs from Pompei
Roman coins (IVth-IInd century)
Dishes from Cales (250-180 BC)

april 2000

Hellenistic Egypt
Graffiti from Alessandria

Hellenistic Greece
The Ptoleme II’s Isis

march 2000

Syria - Mesopotamia
Cylindrical sceals
Relief of IXth century

Hellenistic Syria
Seal from Sidon.
Bas-relief of Palmyr

january 2000

Engravings - 4th millenium
Illustrated knife from Al Azraq
Early 3rd millenium


Each illustration comprise explication, datation, localisation, bibliographical source, the reference in the book : L. Basch, Le musée imaginaire de la marine antique, Athènes, 1987.


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